Virus & Spyware Removal

Virus & Spyware Removal

Is your computer running slower than usual? Pesky pop-ups? Can’t access the internet? These are all signs that your computer could have picked up a virus or some type of malware. The great news is that we have a fix to get it running again. Let The Giants carry the burden of restoring your computer while you sip on a cool glass of water!

Leave it to the Giants!

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Want to save some money on Virus & Spyware Removal? [row]

G-Tech Coverage [row]

We understand that saving you the most money is very important. Virus & Spyware Removal can be very costly, but we have options. Our Giant Tech Coverage (G-Tech) is our optimal solution. You receive a 50% discount on all our fee’s. In addition you get unlimited virus removals. Click here to learn more…


  • 50% Discount on Fees
  • 2 one hour training sessions per month
  • Unlimited Virus Removals
  • Unlimited PC Tune-ups for up to 5 computers per month
  • Dedicated Phone support specialist
  • FREE Diagnostic


Whats Included?

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  • Troubleshoot 1 computer
  • Removal all viruses, spyware, malware and rootkits on the computer
  • Repair any operating system issues (i.e. boot issues, blue screens, etc.)
  • Apply system tweaks and modifications
  • Perform operating system critical updates
  • Test operating system for proper functionality
  • Provide an estimated cost for hardware repair(s) or upgrade(s) needed to provide a complete solution
  • Back up up to 9GB of your data to an external hard drive, DVD disc or flash drive (does not apply to online) additional $89.99 for in-store & $129.99 in-home

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