Little Tech Giant offers generic and comprehensive training sessions in small class size
environment and in-home training sessions for affordable rates.

Find yourself calling everyone for help with the New Windows ? Or having a little difficulty learning your new smartphone? If this you we have a solution for you. We will turn you into a pro in no time. We offer both one-on-one training & classroom settings as well. Check our some of the things we cover:

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Introduction to Mac
  • Introduction to Office
  • Staying Safe with Surfing or just plain Online
  • Handling Photos
  • Mp3 players/iPods
  • Working with videos
  • Social Media and plenty more!!

Whats Included?

  • A 60 minute session of training on your PC & related subjects
  • Lessons on how to navigate using Mac or Windows
  • Review on functionality: manipulating windows, connecting devices & keyboard shortcuts
  • Intro to web browsing
  • High level overview of software running on computer
  • Working with videos
  • Short tutorial on how to use your Mp3/iPod, burn cd/dvd, & organizing you music library

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